Bridal Shoot

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to capture the work of an amazing creative team.  It is very inspiring to work with a very talented team as you want to make sure you do your absolute best, to capture their exquisite work.

My original intent was to shoot with natural light.  I had to throw those plans out the window when we arrived on location and were greeted by a backlit scene which would have illuminated the models harshly.  I then decided to use one light to try to compensate for the unusually bright Chicago Spring afternoon.  I hope you enjoy some of the images posted here.


Shoot Produced by Anita Arsova (
for VIP Chicago Chicago Brides (

Dresses: Laurel Bridal (
Accessories: Marta Cebrat-Czernik for MCebrat

Creative Team (all photos):
Hair + MUA: Anita Arsova (
MUA: Zee Gustafson for Zee Artistry

Spurned Bride (Trash the Dress) – Preview

Joline and I have been contemplating a ‘trash the dress’ shoot since her gown had been sitting for years, perfectly preserved and dry cleaned…in a closet.

There are photographers who have put together some really creative concepts and we wanted something a bit fresh and perhaps dark.

Since we were close to Halloween, we decided on a really broody bride concept.  Sad to be spurned and eventually, comes to grips with what happened and begins planning ‘her revenge’.  🙂

Here is a preview of the shoot.   First panel, she throws away her now-dead flowers in the church which has crumbled around her while she waited for him, and in the second panel, this is the angry, bad-a$$, new attitude bride.  Enjoy.