DeCollage, Revisited

So I haven’t shot in a while…however, I have a back log of work over the past few months that I am yet to catch up on.

I will keep on churning through that back log as some of my favorite captures are yet to be seen!

Kelsey (DeCollage) and I worked collaborated on a another shoot (earlier work is recorded earlier in this blog).  With the help of Stylist Ella G, an amazing team (model, Hair/Makeup artist was assembled and here is a brief preview of some of what we got:



JM Couture at The Mid

I had not shot a JM Couture Show in too long and with the impending Snow Blitz in the Chicago area, I thought it’d be even longer.  However, the worst of the weather showed up later and we managed to pull of the event at The Mid (formerly Mannequin) in the Fulton District of Chicago.

My shooting location was pretty dark and since I am a Speedlight shooter (no modeling light), it was a crap shoot to achieve focus.  A frustrating night for me yielded some of my favorite photos!  Enjoy.

Donny and Michela

Donny is a good friend’s brother who I have wanted to include in a photo project for a few months now.  While certain concepts fell through, we decided why not just a simple lifestyle editorial with Donny and Michela, his girlfriend.  She was in the area from Florida (just in time for Winter!).

A week or so before the shoot, another complication.  You will see soon that we still shot despite the umm….issue.  Enjoy.


Our little secret? Michela had broken her left arm a few days earlier but still shot with a bright pink (heavy) case on!  Could you tell?

VIP Chicago Brides

I was recently a part of a collaboration for VIP Chicago Chicago Brides ( in which along with two other fantastic photographers, we were tasked with capturing images of dresses by Borris Powell (, and Nadia Ivanova ( along with accesories by Ryan Dies ( who also doubled as one of our models.

The entire shoot was produced by Anita Arsova ( and the creative team consisted of:

Hair + MUA: Anita Arsova (
Hair + MUA: Ayman Gammaz
MUA: Maryam Subhani

Some of the images can be seen below with all populated on my Flickr page.


The old adage says that sometimes, the best photographs are those that you didn’t exactly plan out.

I was reminded of this last night when I was packing away my camera for a shoot the next day and I decided to take a quick shot of my wife who was getting ready for bed (washing face, and the routine). She was in her PJs with no make-up so she was not in the mood for any photographs. 🙂 She covered her face in jest and I clicked the shutter. I love what we captured.

She actually wasn’t that mad when she saw the results. So much so that she agreed to take another one (same concept) the next day. While I really like the second one as well (see below), the first still really resonates because of how we shot it.


A couple of months ago, I collaborated with fellow photographer, RB Del Rosario (thanks RB), to shoot a collection from Wanda Cobar.  It was a scenic location on the South Side of Chicago.

All in all, it was great teamwork and great Hair and Make-up by Cris Maldonado.