Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers in my life! This includes much more than a narrow ‘traditional’ definition of ‘mother’ but also, all you nurturers, selfless givers, care takers, ‘fur baby mamas’ 🙂, and those tasked with taking care of the other big kid in the house (ahem, I am looking at you guys). You are so appreciated.

And of course to my wonderful wife, Joline, who is again on a journey that will reinforce to her the power of that role and responsibility, Miles and I are in awe of you and can’t wait to watch you guide a little girl and show her that being a beautiful and kind spirit is the greatest gift she can give to the world around her.


One crisp Fall day, I took two friends to one of my favorite photo haunts just across the Indiana border for a brief photo adventure.  Victor  is a photo enthusiast and Nicole (‘Red’) is an immensely talented professional dancer.

I sought to capture some of her soul as a dancer, her sheer athleticism and of course juxtaposition on the gritty surroundings.

These are some of the images we made.

Until the next…thanks for visiting!!

DeCollage, Revisited

So I haven’t shot in a while…however, I have a back log of work over the past few months that I am yet to catch up on.

I will keep on churning through that back log as some of my favorite captures are yet to be seen!

Kelsey (DeCollage) and I worked collaborated on a another shoot (earlier work is recorded earlier in this blog).  With the help of Stylist Ella G, an amazing team (model, Hair/Makeup artist was assembled and here is a brief preview of some of what we got:



Bridal Shoot

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to capture the work of an amazing creative team.  It is very inspiring to work with a very talented team as you want to make sure you do your absolute best, to capture their exquisite work.

My original intent was to shoot with natural light.  I had to throw those plans out the window when we arrived on location and were greeted by a backlit scene which would have illuminated the models harshly.  I then decided to use one light to try to compensate for the unusually bright Chicago Spring afternoon.  I hope you enjoy some of the images posted here.


Shoot Produced by Anita Arsova (http://www.AnitaArsova.com/)
for VIP Chicago Chicago Brides (www.vipchicagobrides.com)

Dresses: Laurel Bridal (http://www.LaurelBridal.com/)
Accessories: Marta Cebrat-Czernik for MCebrat

Creative Team (all photos):
Hair + MUA: Anita Arsova (http://www.anitaarsova.com/)
MUA: Zee Gustafson for Zee Artistry

“Spring Break” JM Couture 2011 Wet Collection (Swimwear)

Spring in Chicago means it is almost BEACH WEATHER!  Yes, I said beach and Chicago in the same sentence. 🙂  Come see for yourself…miles and miles of sandy beaches.  Only if we could get to use it for longer then 3 months.

Until then, most start shopping for swimwear in March…coinciding with a gym membership spike.  Ahh…the anticipation.


H + MUA: Zee Artistry
Designs: JM Couture


Ella Gomez approached me with a concept I could not refuse.  You see Ella is Peruvian and she saw my pictures from our trip to Peru.  She saw how intrigued I was with the culture as a whole.

She proposed a Peruvian inspired Fashion Shoot that highlights some of the colors (think bright) of the region.  I started to go through the frames we shot and it made me yearn for another trip to Peru.

Here are a few of the images we shot:

“Modern Vintage” Ballerina

A friend of mine, Kelsey O’Connor, is working on (among numerous other things) opening a vintage boutique in the West Loop of Chicago.  DeCollage (http://www.shopdecollage.com) is billed as a vintage and designer couture resale clothing boutique.

We collaborated on this project which was completely styled by the amazingly talented Kelsey. (More Pictures to come)

Hair + Make-up by: Analise Ojeda and Angel Romero.  Enjoy~

Kelsey, and her husband David, are an undoubtedly talented duo.  DeCollage (1219 West Madison in the West Loop of Chicago) is sure to become a vintage fashion lover’s ‘must-stop’ destination.