VIP Chicago Brides

I was recently a part of a collaboration for VIP Chicago Chicago Brides ( in which along with two other fantastic photographers, we were tasked with capturing images of dresses by Borris Powell (, and Nadia Ivanova ( along with accesories by Ryan Dies ( who also doubled as one of our models.

The entire shoot was produced by Anita Arsova ( and the creative team consisted of:

Hair + MUA: Anita Arsova (
Hair + MUA: Ayman Gammaz
MUA: Maryam Subhani

Some of the images can be seen below with all populated on my Flickr page.

The School…revisited.

I was recently invited (2nd time) by the Paul Mitchell (School) to again facilitate a photoshoot for their beauty students.

This was a great opportunity to get some shooting in as well as support the students as the foster creativity in a learning environment.

I have a ton of images to go through but I found this one to post meanwhile.  Great job guys!!


The old adage says that sometimes, the best photographs are those that you didn’t exactly plan out.

I was reminded of this last night when I was packing away my camera for a shoot the next day and I decided to take a quick shot of my wife who was getting ready for bed (washing face, and the routine). She was in her PJs with no make-up so she was not in the mood for any photographs. 🙂 She covered her face in jest and I clicked the shutter. I love what we captured.

She actually wasn’t that mad when she saw the results. So much so that she agreed to take another one (same concept) the next day. While I really like the second one as well (see below), the first still really resonates because of how we shot it.